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The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

3 minute read

Ah, gifting. To some, it comes effortlessly — their thoughts and intentions finished with a beautifully presented bow. To others, it requires a bit more thought. Whichever brightly wrapped box you fall into, there’s a simple solution to find a special something for that special someone.

Personalised gifts have that certain je ne sais quoi that you can’t replicate any other way. They take the idea of gift-giving and elevate it. And personalised jewellery is the crowning jewel of this sentiment.

But these fantastic finds aren’t secluded only to the realm of presents. For the man who wants a personal touch to his everyday collection, engraved and embossed pieces are your way of putting a stamp of approval on everything you wear.

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful piece that says it all without ever uttering a word. Or you just want something customised for yourself, get up and personal with Tateossian accessories.

Pieces that personify luxury

Personalised cufflinks for men

While our luxury cufflinks for men are always a welcome sight; personalised cufflinks bring everything and that little bit more. Perhaps it’s that extra layer of thought that he can carry with him that elevates them to new heights.

With Tateossian, you can choose your preferred customisation: lettering, initials or a photo; we offer options for whatever your taste is.

Traditionally suave — the Personalised Initial cufflinks are an eternally good choice. Their cosmic Mother of Pearl inlay combined with the minimal initial detail makes them a crowd-pleaser for any occasion.

For a message that is only for a certain pair of eyes, the Carbon Twist cufflinks offer you that secrecy. The face, made of a black carbon fibre inlay, swivels to the side to reveal the ideal hiding place for a message, date or another touching tribute.

But if that isn’t enough and you want your expression to be as impactful as it is considerate, there’s a picturesque piece made for this. 

Personalised accessories

The world of one-of-a-kind jewellery isn’t limited to cufflinks.

With our engravable pieces, you hold the power of personalisation. Not only can you choose the premium accessory, you’re also in charge of the pièce de résistance — the message that will be engraved on its surface. For those wordsmiths among us, this is your opportunity to truly spell it out. Or you can stick to the beloved basics with a date, nickname or short sentiment.

The Grapheme collection brings you an array of different styles, each that can be personalised with the interchangeable charm system. And since the whole range uses the same charms, you could get one set of initials but multiple different looks. So Monday is for the Grapheme pin, Tuesday is reserved for the Grapheme bracelet, and so on.

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