Tateossian Tie Clips Style Guide For Men

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Tie Clips Style Guide For Men

Tie Clips Style Guide For Men

3 minute read

Tateossian’s collection of designer tie clips is the perfect finishing touch of elegance and sophistication. Keep your tie neat and your confidence high with our tie clips style guide for men.

Men’s Tie Clips

The simple tie clip is a great choice for adding understated style and personality to any formal look. No matter how simple or elaborate the design, tie clips are an excellent accessory to consider when completing your outfit. Suitable for both women and men, tie clips balance subtlety with impact, giving the wearer an elegant and sophisticated way of incorporating a new theme or passion into their ensemble.


Tie Clips for Men

While the traditionally accepted notion is that designer tie clips are for men, allowing them to neatly secure their tie to their shirt for a more finished look, more and more women are finding their own creative ways of incorporating these elegant pieces into their own outfits. From cosplaying masculine attire to mimicking the function of more ornate brooches, Tateossian tie clips have proven to spark imaginations and fire creativity.

Elevating Combinations with Men’s Cufflinks

Tateossian tie clips are designed with our other jewellery pieces in mind, giving the wearer the opportunity to mix and match, compare and contrast, to create an overall look that evokes the occasion or the personality, or both.


Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

At Tateossian, we refuse to compromise on quality, crafting unique and eye-catching accessories using the highest quality materials available. Our tie clip collection incorporates a range of styles and finishes, from rose gold or sterling silver tie clips to gunmetal-plated options. Whether you are looking for a bold, attention-grabbing option or prefer discreet sophistication, we have a piece that is suitable.


Alongside the diverse array of designs, our range of tie clips also incorporates the Tateossian philosophy of innovation, combining unconventional stones and metals to create truly distinctive accessories. From using stainless steel, brass, and semi-precious stones in our Black IP Stainless Steel RT Elements Tie Clip with Mematite to using carbon fibre to deliver a modern and industrial look, you can be sure that your Tateossian accessory will add something special to your wardrobe.

Designer Tie Clips

The humble (or not so humble) tie clip will never fall out of fashion. Build your collection of men's tie clips to ensure you have the perfect option for every occasion, from every day at the office to those one-off special occasions such as weddings. Explore our full collection of designer tie clips today and begin creating a look that will help you stand out from the crowd.


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