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The Complete Style Guide for Chain Bracelets

The Complete Style Guide for Chain Bracelets

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If you're in need of men's chain bracelets, look no further than Tateossian. From minimalist jewellery to statement pieces, we've got you covered.

Men’s Chain Bracelets

Whether you’ve never worn a bracelet before or you have an entire collection of them, chain bracelets are perfect for anyone and everyone. Since they tend to come in metallic tones, they can be quite minimalist, making them ideal for individuals looking to introduce jewellery into their wardrobes without becoming overwhelmed. These minimalist options are also ideal for incorporating into a layered approach for those looking to expand their collection. Meanwhile, there are bigger pieces for those who are after a statement piece. Regardless of your jewellery needs, Tateossian has got you covered, so discover our range of men’s chain bracelets below.

Steel, Brass and Aluminium Chain Bracelets (Men’s)

Our Giza Box Chain Bracelet is available in both stainless steel and black gunmetal plated options, so you can opt for a classic silver colour or striking black. The textured appearance of this design has been inspired by the pyramids in Egypt, all complete with a chunky box chain that makes for a contemporary style. In fact, we recommend stacking this chain with our colourful beaded bracelets to create a unique look.


Silver Chain Bracelets for Men

Whether you’re after a classic silver chain, one that features colourful beads, or a gold-plated piece, Tateossian has got you covered. We have those sleek box chains that can be effortlessly incorporated into any ensemble, as well as those ones that stand out from the crowd and make a unique look. Regardless of what type of bracelet-wearer you are, we can provide you with an accessory to suit.


Gold Men’s Chain Bracelets

Silver isn’t for everyone, and that’s where our gold chain bracelets come in. These pieces give off an air of lavishness; after all, gold is synonymous with luxury. As a result, if your goal is to make a statement, then our gold chain bracelets are for you. Whether you want to wear them as an individual piece or stack them with other bracelets, the possibilities are endless.


Shop Men’s Bracelet Chains at Tateossian London

The Tateossian range of chain bracelets is abundant in various styles and materials, allowing you to select the one that best suits your requirements. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a lucky recipient, our range of luxury bracelets has something for everyone. So, be sure to browse our collection below and find the perfect chain bracelet for you or treat someone close to you today.


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