Tateossian's Style Guide for Men’s Bracelets

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Tateossian's Style Guide for Men’s Bracelets

Tateossian's Style Guide for Men’s Bracelets

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Browse some of the most stunning men’s bracelets collections from Tateossian. Embodying the essence of luxury and innovation, our bracelet designs will inspire.

Men’s Bracelets

Welcome to one of the UK’s finest and most discerning collections of bracelets for men – Tateossian. Located in the heart of London, Tateossian’s jewellery designers draw on influences from cultures and civilisations around the world to create an energetic and inspiring range of men’s bracelets for every occasion.

Crafting the Perfect Bracelet for a Man

Every detail of our men's designer bracelets collection is scrutinised before being encapsulated into one of our unique designs. From the metals and materials selected to the different methods of cutting and mounting, no process is carried out without intense care and attention.


Men's Bracelet Stacking Secrets

Every Tateossian bracelet is enhanced by its stackability – a sure-fire way for any discerning man to project his own unique and unwavering personality. Combining colours, metals, and themes, redolent of the occasion – whether it is for the beach or the bar, for the office or the opera – stacking three, four, five or more men's luxury bracelets will symbolise confidence, empathy, a spirit of adventure, and a journey of discovery.


A Blend of Textures and Tones

Precious metals, the finest soft leather, precious and semi-precious stones, artisanal glass beads inspired by the Murano glass blowers of Venice, Italy – Tateossian is skilled in placing contrasting textures to bring out the finest combinations. Tiger eye beads and hand-polished, rhodium-plated sterling silver; black Italian leather with black ruthenium-plated sterling silver; polished rose gold with the intricacies of macrame; Tateossian designers will continue to push their creative boundaries to create men's bracelet collections that are constantly evolving and shifting with the times, embracing the past and welcoming the future.


Protecting Your Investment

These unique jewellery items are redolent of your success and position in life and your commitment to building a legacy while protecting the sustainability of life on earth. Protect and care for your bracelets so that they can be passed down to the next generation with the added value and history that is entwined with your own achievements. Gently clean them with a soft cloth and avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or prolonged sunlight. With proper care, your legacy will live on, on your children’s wrists.

Shop Tateossian Bracelets for Men with Confidence

If you are buying for someone else, we offer service to ensure your beautiful present is received with surprise and pleasure. Browse our men’s bracelets collections, build confidence, and elevate style.

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