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Resolution-Inspired Jewellery

Resolution-Inspired Jewellery

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It’s a ritual you either look forward to or overlook completely. Whatever your stance, resolutions are as much a part of the new year as champagne, fireworks and a new desk calendar.

For a change of pace, we’re committing to our resolutions in a slightly different way: with luxury jewellery. It’s a beacon of a promised transformation, a constant source of inspiration and perhaps the motivation we need to achieve the momentous changes we’ve pledged to.

Here are our recommendations for high-end jewellery that complements your new year’s resolutions.

Jewellery to match your resolutions

Be more eco-friendly

One needn’t be reminded why sustainability is important. And if this is your year to recycle, bring a reusable coffee cup and explore your green thumb, it’s best to start with eco-friendly jewellery.


The Vetro range boasts beads crafted from recycled bottles, although their quality and wearability would never give them away. The bracelets and necklaces from this collection are fit for modern-day eco-heroes who still value looking stylish.

Commit to your faith 

May your new year be one of peace, prayer and community. Whether you’re planning on dedicating more of yourself to your faith or just started your spiritual journey, it’s a noble resolution.


A simple stainless steel pendant necklace proclaims everything the outside world needs to know: you’re proud to express your beliefs.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude — it’s always on our to-do list but just slips through the cracks. Make the new year different. But if you’re struggling to find the right words, perhaps it’s the right gift you should be looking for.


For family, a gift of personalised luxury jewellery communicates everything you need it to. And are you ever too old for luxury friendship bracelets? The answer is a resounding no. Acknowledge those who always stand by you with an elevated childhood classic.

Focus on self-care

So you’re already the expert in people-pleasing and gratitude, then the new year is the time to focus on yourself with a touch of self-care. To some that might be actually taking your vacation days, to others it could be quality alone time. It could also mean treating yourself to something spectacular because you know you deserve beautiful things too.


And when we say spectacular, we mean it. An Epidot quartz pendant is truly the perfect “to me, from me” gift or you can put stars in your own eyes with a pair of Star ruby cufflinks

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