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Must Have Leather Bracelets Style Guide for Men

Must Have Leather Bracelets Style Guide for Men

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Men's leather bracelets are the perfect jewellery pieces for accessory novices and avid wearers. Learn more about the Tateossian range here and shop today.

Men’s Leather Bracelets

If you’re a complete bracelet novice or your arm is usually stacked full of them, leather bracelets are a great option. Their minimalist appearance means that they won’t overwhelm those who are new to accessorising. Similarly, this minimalism allows for a layered approach for those who want to incorporate a leather bracelet into their collection. It doesn’t matter what your jewellery preferences are; our leather bracelets can be seamlessly incorporated into your style. Discover our leather bracelet collection below.

Men’s Leather Band Bracelets with Steel, Brass and Aluminium

First up are our leather bracelets with steel, brass, or aluminium clasps. These are ideal for those looking for a starter piece for their jewellery collection, as they have a modest appearance and are some of the more affordable options in the range. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a simplistic daily piece, this might be the way to go.  


Silver and Leather Bracelets for Men

The next step up from our steel, brass, and aluminium clasps is our silver clasps. So, if your jewellery collection is comprised of mostly silver pieces, you might opt for a silver and leather bracelet. This way, the silver accent of the leather bracelet will work to tie your other pieces together, making for a well-put-together ensemble.


Men’s Bracelets – Leather and Gold

Perhaps you’d like to take it to the next level with our gold clasps; we’d definitely recommend this if the majority of your existing jewellery collection is gold. Matching colours make for a well-thought-out jewellery ensemble. Fortunately, the Tateossian collection is so vast that finding matching pieces is effortless.


Men’s Leather Bracelets with Precious Stones

Finally, within our range of leather bracelets are those adorned with precious stones. These pieces allow you to combine the minimalism of leather with the opulence of precious stones, making for an equally classic and unique appearance. As a result, our men’s leather bracelets leave you with the best of both worlds for those special occasions.


Shop Men’s Leather Bracelets at Tateossian

Regardless of the leather bracelet style or clasp material you’re looking for, Tateossian has got you covered. Our leather bracelet collection is incredibly varied, making it easier than ever for all manner of individuals to find the perfect jewellery piece for them. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else, our abundant collection has something for everyone. So, browse and buy from our range of leather bracelets below.

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