Fashion Week: Trends & Tateossian

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Fashion Week: Trends & Tateossian

Fashion Week: Trends & Tateossian

4 minute read

Fashion Week has once again provided a wealth of inspiration for us all, from silver and florals making a comeback and more. We are ready to immerse ourselves in all the current crazes.  

Let’s dive into the trends and see which Tateossian pieces can turn them into reality.


The gold days are gone… Well, sort of. While the glittering material hasn’t completely released its hold on the fashion world, silver pieces were rivalling it in numbers. The usurper of gold was seen across Fashion Week runways in different iterations. From Gucci to Versace and Chanel, fashion houses are encouraging more sparkle in everyday life.


Go for silver with a selection of silver jewellery that’s always the right choice:

·         Signature Hexade Box Chain Necklace

·        Silver Signature Signet Ring

·         Silver Rhodium Plated Signature Hexade Box Bracelet

·         Silver Signature Octo Cufflinks


Earrings haven’t had their moment for a while. Between mask-wearing and stay-at-home orders, they were relegated to the bottom of the jewellery hierarchy. Thankfully, they are making their much-anticipated comeback in a bold way. Not only are luxury earrings trending, but shoulder also-skimming earrings are making up for lost time with their explosive rise in popularity.

If this is all music to your ears, welcome the earring revival with this selection:


Many hoped the day would never come but it’s here: cargo pants are back in fashion. Naturally, brands like Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Fendi are making sure the style is modernised. The utilitarian styles of 2023 are more tailored — closer to interest pieces than hiking gear. Even though bolder colours and unconventional materials were championed, the garments retained their functional elements.

Practical or just perfectly encapsulating the utilitarian trend, elevate your cargo pants with these pieces:

Signet Rings

Even with a history dating back to ancient Egypt, many were surprised to see the arrival of signet rings during Fashion Week. But once a classic, always a classic. Signet rings are a personal statement in the modern world and have emerged as a unisex symbol of style. From formal occasions to everyday expressions, these rings are a proclamation all on their own.

If you’re inspired by their old-world charm, embrace the new season of signet rings with these Tateossian picks:


It’s the time for childhood nostalgia and a touch of youthfulness. Unfussed and unserious, think pieces that bring a smile to your face. This is the year designers are deeply exploring unusual colour combinations, looser shapes and cartoonish characters. No matter your age or personal style, add some novelty and joy back into your day with pieces that effortlessly combine playfulness with luxury.

Get ready for smiling faces and perhaps a few chuckles with these imaginative Tateossian pieces:


     Sterling Silver Duck Rodeo Necklace

     Iridescent Stainless Steel Kaleidoscope Chain

     Doctor Bulldog Cufflinks

Florals & Greenery

Spring was hot on the heels of models walking the various Fashion Week events. Rosettes, flowery patterns, corsages and foliage-adorned jackets were all met with growing enthusiasm. The world will be seeing more reimagined floral prints and a spectrum of green shades — with the most prominent being emerald and lime.

Don’t just stop at a green thumb, adorn every body part with floral and greenery-inspired jewellery:

     Rose Lapel Pin

     Rough Emerald Pendant

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