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How to Mix and Match

How to Mix and Match

3 minute read

How to Mix and Match Accessories

For the modern gentleman, the ability to mix and match accessories to their fullest potential is important, whatever the occasion.

Whether one is suiting up for the office or socialising with friends, it is common knowledge that any ensemble is not complete without adequate accessories. Wear none and your style looks bland, get it wrong and your outfit is a complete catastrophe – the finest details can literally make or break your ensemble.

The know-how of picking the correct accessories is an attribute that every modern gentleman must possess, for it is the difference between having that something special and being left with nothing at all.


Designer Jewellery for Men

A true fashionista’s office attire is much more than the dreary shirt and tie combination matched with whichever trousers come out of the wardrobe first. Care and precision must be taken – after all, the average person will spend over 90,000 hours of their life at work, which is far too long to settle for merely fitting in.

Break the mould with designer jewellery for men and iconic pieces to add a touch of class to an already well-thought-out suit. Luxury cufflinks and a powerful bracelet are all that it takes to make a statement that will be heard loud and clear.



All work and no play make the modern gentleman a dull boy. However, a fashionista should be anything but dull – owning the adaptability to shine in all surroundings is an attribute that, once learned, should never be forgotten.

Just as the gentleman should excel, so too should his accessories. To achieve this, an eclipse watch is a fine detail suitable for both the office and the bar. A gentleman’s watch tells more than just the time, it is a sign of how the man holds himself and the importance he places on his style.


Women’s Accessories

As a pair, the true fashionista couple should complement each other’s style. For the lady who hopes to be the belle of the ball, accessories that demand the spotlight are an essential piece.

Individuality is this year’s most fashionable feature; it is impossible to stand out from the crowd when everyone looks the same. Celebrate your individual tastes and allow your outfit to reflect your personality with beautiful personalisedluxury jewellery.

The modern man and woman recognise the value of dressing to impress and the confidence that a flawless outfit exudes. With Tateossian's wide range of iconic accessories, the fashion icon is certain to find the perfect finishing touch.

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