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Cufflinks Accessories Style Guide for Men

Cufflinks Accessories Style Guide for Men

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Tateossian's designer cufflinks are the pinnacle of style, luxury, and individuality. Browse our range of cufflinks that are as unique as you are here.

Men’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the ultimate men’s accessory. Browse our collection and choose from men’s cufflink designs that are beautifully crafted with innovation, playfulness, and the truly distinctive Tateossian London essence.

With cufflink shirts, you require a pair of cufflinks that serve their purpose and look great doing it. Men with cufflinks exude an air of sophistication, and this is what we keep in mind as we design and craft our accessories. In fact, we combine this classic sophistication with unique designs to create cufflinks that stand out from the crowd and tie ensembles together flawlessly.

Mechanical Cufflinks For Men

Mechanical cufflinks are ideal for those who are fascinated by the inner workings of a watch, so whether this sounds like you or someone you know, be sure to browse this collection of cogs and gears. You could marvel at these intricate little pieces for hours and constantly discover new details, making for stylish accessories and great conversation starters.

Mechanical Cufflinks


Timeless and Classic Men’s Cufflinks

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with simplicity, and that’s where our timeless and classic range of cufflinks comes in. These accessories are ideal for customers who want something that’s going to stand the test of time; whether you’re going to wear them in five days or five years' time, they will still be considered suave, fashion-forward pieces.

Timeless and Classic Cufflinks 


Colour and Sparkle Designer Cufflinks

There are times in which those timeless and classic designs simply won’t do, and you require something with more pizzazz. In this instance, our colour and sparkle cufflinks come to the rescue, offering designs that attract attention. From bold hues to dazzling materials, it’s no secret why our colour and sparkle cufflinks are the true showstoppers.

Colour and Sparkle Cufflinks 


Novel and Unique Cufflinks

Perhaps you’re looking for something out of the ordinary; if so, our novel and unique collection is for you. From playing card designs to tiger head models, our range comprises some truly distinctive accessories. As with our mechanical range, our novel and unique cufflinks are sure to elevate your outfit and spark conversations.

Novel and Unique Cufflinks 


Gold and Precious Cufflinks

Last but not least is our gold and precious cufflinks, which are crafted from the most luxurious materials. Gold, diamonds, pearls, onyx, rubies, sapphires… our gold and precious cufflink collection is packed full of the most valuable metals and gemstones. For those special occasions, make sure you have a pair of gold and precious cufflinks at your disposal.

Gold and Precious Cufflinks


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