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Ancient Emergence: Redefining Timeless Style

Ancient Emergence: Redefining Timeless Style

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It’s quite the human habit to look to the skies, stars, and seas, and contemplate life’s eternal questions. In the modern day, we are so quick to follow trends and fleeting fashions. While we love seeing the latest catwalk craze, at Tateossian we also strive to find inspiration further afield. Even if that means exploring the vastness of space or going back a couple thousand years. 

In this blog post, we’re taking a closer look at the Tateossian pieces that are redefining what “timeless style” could mean. From ancient materials to avant-garde designs, these accessories are a celebration of artistry and antiquity.


Gold, silver, rubies, emeralds — when we think of unearthing hidden treasures, our minds immediately turn to metals and precious jewels. But there are more underground gems finding their way into the clasps of luxury jewellery: namely, fossils. From dinosaur bones to calcified shells and corals, these unique materials offer a glimpse into the ancient world and add a touch of natural history to modern accessories.

Own a piece of Poseidon’s personal collection with a limited edition Tateossian offering. Our Devonian Horn Coral cufflinks capture the watery wonder of fossilised coral. The stone used in these cufflinks is a horn coral that is over 400 million years old. The horn coral had wrinkled edges, which created a unique and unusual pattern in the stone. With its deep brown colour, this is one pair of devilishly handsome men's cufflinks.

Devonian Horn Coral cufflinks (Limited Edition)

Fossilised wood

Fossilised wood tells a story that spans millions of years. Over the course of several millennia, a natural process turns the tree’s organic matter into stone. The result is an astonishing blend of organic beauty and sturdiness, which is precisely what makes it so fascinating.

Fossilised wood comes in a range of colours and patterns, each a testament to its unique history. The intricate designs and textures formed through millions of years of mineralisation give each piece its own distinct personality.

 Our limited-edition Red Oak Wood cufflinks showcase the stunning beauty of fossilised wood in all its natural glory. The hand-carved red oak wood is carefully set within a rectangular case and engraved that replicates the natural texture of wood with black enamel detailing. Each of these designer cufflinks is a true representation of the material, showcasing the unique natural variation of each piece. Finished in rhodium-plated sterling silver, the combination of organic and metal materials creates a timeless and sophisticated accessory that is now a part of your story.

Red Oak Wood cufflinks in sterling silver (Limited Edition)


Both a metaphor for inner beauty and a natural marvel, geodes are a breath-taking reminder of the wonders of the Earth. These sparkling stones are formed when gas bubbles in lava solidify over millions of years, creating hollow cavities that fill with mineral-rich water. These minerals crystallise, forming intricate and vibrant patterns — resulting in a geode. Our range of geode jewellery is an example of how nature's beauty can be transformed into wearable art.

Starting our selection are the Silver Frame Geode cufflinks. Hand-selected and shaped by the natural formation of the geode, each silver cufflink features an uneven texture on the exterior and a delicate shimmer from the crystal interior. It’s completed with a black rhodium-plated sterling silver frame that follows the natural shape of the crystals.

The Geode Cufflinks are equally striking and unique, with a similar design and construction. The use of black rhodium-plated sterling silver makes it both an eye-catching piece and a sophisticated accessory. Each pair is truly one-of-a-kind due to the natural variations in the geodes used.

If you appreciate the rough and organic beauty of these unique stones, the Black Geode Cufflinks in Sterling Silver are the obvious choice. The natural black-blue colour of the geodes is highlighted by the rhodium-plated sterling silver claws that hold them. As is to be expected, each piece is unique due to the natural formation of the gemstones.

Black Geode cufflinks in sterling silver

Red Geode cufflinks in rose gold plated sterling silver

Black Rhodium Plated Silver Frame Geode Cufflinks


Ammonites were shelled cephalopods that lived over 66 million years ago and are a fascinating reminder of the Earth's ancient history. These creatures went extinct along with the dinosaurs, but their fossilised remains have been discovered all over the world. Today, ammonites continue to captivate us, inspiring awe and fascination with their intricate spirals and otherworldly beauty.

The Cable Ammonite Necklace is a Tateossian piece that merges the historic with the modern, creating a truly distinctive look. The necklace's bowl-shaped case, finished in black rhodium-plated sterling silver, is reminiscent of the reddish-brown hues of an ammonite fossil. The signature cable edge detailing is a contemporary touch that adds an edge to this men’s necklace. 

The curled shape of the ammonite is captured in all its beauty in the Pyritized Ammonite cufflinks. These limited-edition silver cufflinks feature pyritised ammonites found in the United Kingdom and are around 190 million years old. Pyritisation is a natural process that occurs in some fossils, creating a metallic sheen within the stone. The rhodium plated sterling silver claw case accentuates the peculiar pattern of every stone.

Brown Sterling Silver Cable Ammonite Necklace


The Jurassic era, which spanned from about 201 million to 145 million years ago, was a time of fascinating creatures like the fearful Allosaurus and the gentle Brontosaurus. Perhaps the most well-known of the ancient eras, many have used it as an inspiration for countless films, books, and even fashion.

We’re not strangers to the allure of this time. Inspired by the fascinating remains of another time, our Jurassic Black Rhodium Cufflinks feature a replica in silver of miniature 3D dinosaur bones raised on a brushed metal background. The edges have a hand-painted line that elevates the unconventional design. Made from black rhodium-plated sterling silver, these cufflinks are a must-have for the dinosaur lover and jewellery aficionado alike. 

Black Rhodium Plated Silver Jurassic Cufflinks

Own a piece of history with Tateossian Jewellery

At Tateossian, the world of old, new, and unconventional collide in a spectacular fashion. From the modern-day gentleman who appreciates engraved cufflinks to the fashion maverick looking for their next signature piece, every style is welcomed. Browse our website to discover our full range of exceptional jewellery pieces including designer cufflinks, dress shirt studs, gold tie clips and more.

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