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A Titan Of Luxury Jewellery

A Titan Of Luxury Jewellery

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What can you expect of a metal named after the predecessors of the gods and children of Mother Earth? Titanium may only have started discovering its potential recently, but it’s quickly become the modern classic every man needs in his collection.

A titanic history

So popular, titanium has actually been discovered a number of times. First in 1791 in Cornwall by a clergyman who originally named it menachite. Four years later, a German chemist rediscovered it and aptly named it titanium — after the mythological Greek Titans.


Titanium became a colossus in the manufacturing industry; it speeds away in race cars, protects the hulls of submarines, gets launched in the body of missiles and is walking around, surgically attached to bones. This behemoth even helped change the tide of war when the American forces turned to metal. Lightweight and near invincible, titanium propelled the Allies into victory.


Even with titanium’s impressive resumé, it didn’t enter the jewellery industry until the 1990s. Thankfully now we can enjoy this metal in all forms it can take.

The modern classic

Titanium brings you the unique opportunity to wear the stuff of spacecrafts and fighter jets, but what else does it offer? For those men who don’t enjoy the lustre of silver or gold, titanium jewellery has a sleek matte appearance that exudes contemporary cool.


Titanium is perhaps the perfect accessory for the sportsman: it’s corrosion-resistant, including chlorine, seawater and some acids; and it keeps its appearance. While it may scratch (which can be easily buffed out), titanium is not prone to discolouration.


As for everyday pieces, titanium stands up to the test. It’s light yet durable. You probably won’t even notice you’re wearing it.


Titaniferous Tateossian pieces

If you’re looking to add this herculean heavyweight to your collection, turn to the titans of Tateossian accessories.


Our top picks are the Titanium Octo Precious cufflinksBlack Diamond Titanium Octo Precious Necklace and Silver Titanium Cufflinks & Shirt Studs Set. Each honours the modernity of the metal by incorporating strong geometric shapes. Keep it simple and sleek with the minimalistic stud set. Or enjoy the true extravagance of titanium with the necklace and cufflinks that hold precious stones.

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